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標題: Lin Vatican that joyful mood just calm down again irritable up [打印本頁]

作者: dfqpclffk    時間: 2013-5-30 19:09     標題: Lin Vatican that joyful mood just calm down again irritable up

But the result was not Wang Xiang imagine, Takumi real Juggernaut separated by about three hundred meters, I saw Takumi real flying speed, but he flew to half, suddenly galloped down. Side of the flight while loudly laughed: Ha ha,swarovski online, I have not foolish enough to rally and six robbery of the Sword. I go also!!! Xiang Wang dumbfounding get this farce, but it will not escape to the real Takumi opportunities.
  Wits again from the stick work in the hearts of stagnation Zhang sadly also seems to be the sunshine of spread general, systemic tendons are with six mysterious sword incarnation from six mysterious stick work to link up, and that Chen Chuan is still some distance , but not too far, to mention Zhang sadly soul saving energy,nike free trainer 5.0 sale, but also anytime to transform white tiger Saint boxing again melee, Zhang sadly never strive. Today, however, the situation is somewhat wrong. Every painstaking retreat than three years is five upload waking to see Ye repair smiling carrying tea waiting for his wife and mother full.
Anyway Wang Xun et al have to sell Baogui also do not care about selling more selling less. Simply follow their own ideas, continues, continues, So, according to Robinson's see Anxi army was stalled by the constraints of their own side, three missions purpose of,Ran Bay uk, first, for the army probe road. liaison River in the vicinity tendency Datang forces together to deal with cannibalism.
own around a familiar atmosphere, the same kind of spiritual force origin breath! Mental strength along that data chain guide part of their own body to return to the NPC which core ring, is that one second, will it to be out of control of their own original gathering forces to be brought under control, then, a large number of suction from the spiritual power of that data link control with that little bit of mental strength side against the suction from the core side of the force that brings together the residual force dispersed, import under their own control, continuous supplement with the confrontation with the core of the suction force which ... a steady stream of force being sucked out, can this forest Vatican unexpectedly found themselves against the greater the core suction,, the greater the suction that comes from the core, the forest Vatican has become even more increased body spiritual force of the suction from the periphery of the repulsion ring ... less than a moment, the original pooled residual force to do this a fight to have full control of all into core suction force confrontation, but from the core of the force but not declining, but growing, with increasing core suction, concentric circles of the core actually issued a weak colorful light! Lin Vatican that joyful mood just calm down again irritable up, because the spirit force from outside the body is getting smaller and smaller as time goes up more and more difficult to suction, and vice versa, because the suction force smaller, growing from the core of the suction, gradually, this forest Vatican went so far as they started to have the feeling of a hard to resist! At this point, the forest Vatican already last experience, know themselves if such a delay, the result may be the same, and just, but, how can we get rid of the core of the suction it? Lin Vatican again plunged into distress them.

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