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Bachelor franchise aired Wednesday night and will continue on Citytv for eight celine tote more Wednesdays. Our Bachelor panel, fan Debra Yeo, critic Vinay Menon and Wilder Weir, a friend of Bachelor Brad Smith's, weigh in on the premiere. (Here's a recap of the show in you missed it last night.)
First impressions of the Bachelor
The Fan: Brad comes across as sweet, funny, polite (hey, when was the last time you saw a Bachelor profusely thank the limo driver?) and totally down with the "I'm ready to find love" program. A little vanilla? Sure, but viewers should have no problem rooting for him.
The Critic: Brad came across as sincere, sensitive and placid. In the real world, these are mulberry outlet online store noble traits. But on TheBachelor, this can only lead to heartache. Take the closing rose ceremony, in which Brad was supposed to send home 10 bachelorettes. Instead, he nearly breaks down and says Ana also deserves to stay. So he unilaterally changes the rules and decides to keep 16. If Brad can't go from 25 to 15 when he hardly knows their names, how will he go from two to one when he has knee-rattling feelings for both?
The Friend: When Brad isabel marant arose from the pool like an Adonis, I'm sure there was a collective gasp from women across the country. Being one of Brad's close friends, I couldn't help but laugh. Yes, it's weird watching one of your buddies on TV but, after settling into the premiere episode, I really enjoyed it. I thought Brad was charming, easygoing, sociable and diplomatic (he had to be with 25 women pulling him in every direction). That being said, I have to be honest, I was worried for Brad before the episode aired. I was worried the show would look "too Canadian" and he wouldn't come off as the Brad his friends and family love. Thankfully that wasn't case.
First impressions of the bachelorettes
The Fan: Well, guess what? Canadians aren't all nice and some of these girls were downright quirky. Exhibit A: Bubba, with her over-the-top personality and polka-dot dress. And uh, Mindy? Nice hiking boots. The ladies who left the strongest impressions were Whitney, Bianka, Chantelle and Ana.
The Critic: Individually, these women are probably lovely. Probably. But holed up together in a swish mansion with an open bar? Catty monsters. It's not just the fake eyelashes or the fake breasts or the fake smiles that are most troubling; it's 70567509 nike air max on sale the fake intentions. Brad may see a show like this as a chance for love, but most women who go on a show like this do it for the love of fame. And as we saw last night, this blinding desire is as strong in Canada as it is south of the border.
The Friend: This group is a real salad bowl of backgrounds and beliefs that is befitting an all-Canadian cast. What I like is that none of these girls seem disingenuous to the process. version. You might have furrowed your brow momentarily when you heard Brad talking about the Habs with Laura B., but scenes of women in va va voom dresses swilling champagne and hungrily eyeing Brad would have put you back 24553373 nike shoes customize in your comfort zone. Bachelor franchise? The isabel marant wedge sneakers all-Canadian cast is what makes the difference here, adding a special charm 15834780 ken griffey jr nike shoes and genuine hope to find love
What was the most surprising moment?
The Fan: Tie between ex-Bachelorette Jillian Harris showing up (and that was necessary because?) and Brad grabbing an extra rose to give to Ana.
The Critic: I was surprised by how Brad let the bachelorettes dictate whom he could talk to, when and for how long. From Gabrielle pulling him outside to Bubba intruding on his time with Ana, Brad was like a toothless bystander amid a backdrop of bared fangs.
The Friend: When former Bachelorette (and fellow Canadian) Jillian Harris stepped out of the limo I could see genuine surprise on Brad's face. I think her female perspective really helped him make his selections. Brad has always relied on the women in his life for advice, whether it's from his mother, mulberry bags sister or friends.
Who is the most charming bachelorette?
The Fan: Chantelle. I was prepared not to like her because of the constant giggling and the whole "I'm a pastor" thing, but she really is cute as a button.
The Critic: Call me crazy, but I'm going with Bianka, the 28-year-old Mississauga nurse who used to date Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian's ex-husband. When Bianka deadpanned shop celine that she specialized in "mouth-to-mouth resuscitation" - and Brad believed her - she immediately hurled herself above the silly fray.
The Friend: Even though Whitney got the first impression rose, my personal favourite is Kara. When each of the girls was introduced to Brad for the first time some of them decided to do a little act. Some strutted their stuff, Amber even showed up on a motorcycle, but when Kara got out of the limo and hurled an underhand softball at Brad's 01878822 nike air max 95 womens head, she won a little piece of my heart.
The most frightening bachelorette?
The Fan: Gabrielle hands down. The Oakville law student's buy isabel marant inflated sense of self-importance and sucky attitude after not getting the first impression rose make her the one to hate this season. Second place would go to Whitney. After watching her hugging Brad straight out of the limo and refusing to let go, I was thinking potential stalker.
The Critic: I know producers want us to believe Whitney is the early favourite. And, yes, she has a mesmerizing smile, elegant confidence and sparkly eyes that could stop a herd of marauding buffalo, but she also seems incredibly calculating. Never trust a person who refers to herself in the third person: "Whitney never loses."
The Friend: It's a dead heat between Mindy and Rebecca, referred to as "Bubba." Both are frightening, but I think Mindy takes the cake. Beware any woman who wields a high-powered hunting rifle and refers to you as "meat."
The Critic: Brad is 6-foot-1, but in every scene with host Tyler Harcott he looked like a kid in Grade 4. This isn't Tyler's fault. He can't help it if he's tall enough to to pick rocks off the moon or carry Brad around in his breast pocket. But his height - why is this guy not playing power forward for the Raptors? - mulberry handbags diverted attention from the Bachelor, a no-no in this contrived, fairytale world.
The Friend: There was a lot of boob talk. While Brad was with some of the girls outside it seemed like the big topic inside was which girls had implants. Here's my buddy being accosted by Bubba by the pool and all I can think about is whether or not Whitney's breasts are real.
The Critic: From Mindy pointing a crossbow at a poor deer to Bubba talking about male genitalia, there were quite a few wince-inducing scenes last night. But my votes goes isabel marant etoile to the part in which the Playboy model was teaching the female pastor how to identify fake breasts at long range during the jangled cocktail party.
The Friend: I literally cringed as the 25-year-old, recently eliminated Fawn stumbled in her high-heeled shoes down the rocky path leaving the mansion while Brad and the isabel marant sale remaining girls raised their champagne glasses. Why does the scene where Bambi's mother is shot suddenly come to mind?